Admissions and Scholarships Guide for International Students is here.

Prof. Jejin Lee's Research Team develops FPGA chip core software that beats Intel technology.

Prof. Kwang Keun Yi published a book that guides about static analysis field research.

Our department recruits new professor in AI field.

Our department presents Outstanding Paper Award every semester.

Here to announce selection of Naver Fellowship winner on 2019

CSE students received 1st place and 3rd place award at 26th Human-Tech Paper awards

Prof. Chung Kil Hur's research result is recently used to LLVM, one of the world-famous compilers.

[Prof. Byung-Ro Moon's Algorithm Trip]
Creation needs foundation process

Prof. Chung Kil Hur published Top-Conference Thesis for 10 years continuously as 4th in the world.

Prof. Gun Hee Kim's Research Team wins Best Full Paper at VRST 2019 with polarization

[Prof. Byung Ro Moon's Algorithm Trip]
SW future talent curriculum, Deleting "Matrix" from High school mathematics will bring a disaster