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  • Administrative office of Computer Science and Engineering assists with various administrative tasks for undergraduate, graduate students and professors at Building 301-316.

  • S-Lab is the place where students can study, develop software, and discuss with each other. Inside, there are central space and 4 separated rooms.

  • It is equipped with dual monitors, Intel Core i7 PCs, printers, etc. It is used in software-related practice classes. If it is not used in class, anyone in the Computer Science of Engineering department can use it freely. In the past, it was called "NT room".

  • It is used for hardware-related practical training classes. Equipment and tools are available such as oscilloscopes, Direct Current power supplies, function generators, multi meters, and intel Core i7 PCs.

  • The Haedong Digital Library consists of Haedong Archives and reading rooms with 230 seats, with the support of Chairman Jeong Sik Kim of Daedeok Electronics, Ltd, a graduate of Electrical En

  • Departmental room is the main space for undergraduate students.

  • Seminar rooms are located in building 301 and 302. Graduate students of the Department of Computer Science can make reservations online.

  • It is a place to manage various servers and work stations, such as a computer server, an integrated account server, a printer server. The undergraduate server is managed by Bacchus, Student club.