• There are two administrative offices, at Building 301-316. View the list of staff members for individual contacts.

  • S-Lab is the place where students can study, develop software, and discuss with each other. PCs, Macs, smart TVs, beam projectors are available. Beside the lobby, there are 4 more rooms with table and chairs; some are equipped a beam projector and a screen.

  • Students in software-related lab classes can do their jobs in the Software Laboratory.

  • Students in hardware-related lab classes can do their jobs in the Hardware Laboratory. The laboratory has several stations, each with an oscilloscope, a power supplier, a function generator, a multimeter, and an Intel Core i7 PC. It has also many tools and miscellaneous components.

  • The Haedong Digital Library consists of Haedong Archives and reading rooms with 230 seats, with the support of Chairman Jeong Sik Kim of Daedeok Electronics, Ltd, a graduate of Electrical Engineering, in October 1996.

  • Most of the servers of the department, such as Linux servers, Windows servers, and printer servers, are located in the Server Room.