[CSE Industry Seminar] Technology Trend: Business use case and prospect for the latest research areas in ICT industry

Inhyok Cha
the leader
Algorithm Research Team, Samsung SDS R&D
Wednesday, August 20th 2014, 4:00pm


The purpose of this seminar is to study the below 2014 SDS technology trends identified in SDS Tech Trend report more in depth, learning about their background, prospect, business use case and implications. The SDS Tech Trend report includes core technology trends commonly identified through global technology sensing for our business and key industrial technology areas. It is published by Samsung SDS R&D Center and used as an input to build technology roadmap,

  - 1.Real-time Predictive Analytics
  - 2.Advanced Video Analytics
  - 3.Hybrid Cloud
  - 4.Software Defined Environment
  - 5.BYOD Security Technologies
  - 6.Cloud-assisted Enterprise Mobility
  - 7.Web of Everything
  - 8.Wearables
  - 9.Collaborative Development

Speaker Bio

2011 ~ Present: Samsung SDS
2004 ~ 2011: Interdigital Communications
1996 ~ 2003: Lucent Technologies
Ph. D: University of Pennsylvania, Electrical Engineering
M.S.: Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Seoul National University
B.A.: Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Seoul National University