[DLS] Open innovation for global success

Monday, October 13th 2014, 3:30pm

■호스트: 염헌영 교수(880-5583/x5583)


Open innovation for global success

2014 is set to be a defining year for technology industry. Organizations around the world are adopting a renewed attitude towards open source solutions and more customers are looking to open source to drive innovation within their organizations. Open innovation is fast becoming the winning factor to compete in global markets, as open source becomes the de facto standard to address digital business transformation and the Third Platform (Social, Big Data, Mobile and Cloud). Organizations must innovate or risk getting left behind. In his lecture, CEO & President, Jim Whitehurst shares his insights on how IT is transforming businesses around the world and how Korea can gain their competitive edge against world players with open source technology.

Speaker Bio

Jim Whitehurst is President and Chief Executive Officer of Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source enterprise IT products and services. With a background in business development, finance, and global operations, Whitehurst has proven expertise in helping companies flourish — even in the most challenging economic and business environments. Since joining Red Hat in 2008, Whitehurst has grown the company, and its influence on a variety of industries, by reaching key milestones—the most notable in 2012 when Red Hat became the first $1 billion revenue open source software company.