The Lifecycle of Software Engineers in Silicon Valley

Seungryul Choi
The Lifecycle of Software Engineers in Silicon Valley
Thursday, March 31st 2016, 1:00am


Software engineers are the key driving force behind many of the recent innovations in Silicon Valley. This talk focuses on the lifecycle of software engineers in Silicon Valley, including studying in college, job application, job interview, developing high quality software, being innovative, staying on top of new technology, working as a team, and balancing between work/life.

Speaker Bio

Seungryul Choi has been working for Google as a software engineer since 2006, where he has been developing search engine infrastructure. Before his professional career at Google, he studied computer architecture in the University of Maryland at College Park, Department of Computer Science, and received Ph.D. degree there. He finished his BS and MS study in Seoul National University, Department of Computer Science and Statistics. His main area of interest is server side software system architecture design, large online/offline data processing framework building, and performance optimization.