[Seminar] Futurable - True AI Game (as one of Google Play Top 30 Indie Games)

CEO & Founder (AIBrain)
Palo Alto & Seoul
Monday, October 17th 2016, 4:00pm

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Futurable is a fully autonomous AI game for future travel. We are concerned about our future, but we are not sure what to do. With Futurable, we want it to be an exciting game to find and build a better future based on true AI, the great technology. The specific purpose of the game is everyone desires to survive and prosper based on its inborn capabilities by improving the four important life values of Health, Wealth, Cognitive and Social Intelligence. In general, Game AI has very little to do with academic AI.

To summarize the technology behind, Futurable is more than number crunching unlike AlphaGo, although they share some, Neural Network, for example. It handles not only numbers but also symbols. Futurable’s three major advantages are Independence of problem domains, Generality of problem solving, learning and memory to support cognitive intelligence, and also Multi-agent reasoning for social intelligence. Futurable 1 Summer City was unveiled as one of Top 30 Indie Games by Google Play in San Francisco on September 24, 2016.

Speaker Bio

• 1997-현재 에이아이브레인 (AIBrain) 및 한국전자인증 대표이사
• 서울공대 졸, 펜실베니아주립대 컴퓨터과학 석사, 죠지아 공대 박사 (전공: AI)
• 1997년 에이아이브레인 (인공지능 법인) 창업 (서울 소재)
• 1999년 한국전자인증 창업, 2010년 코스닥 시장 상장
• 2012년 글로벌 AI 법인 AIBrain Inc 설립 (미국Palo Alto)
• 2016년 9월 AIBrain - 세계 톱 20 AI 기업으로 선정 (Datamation 지)