[Seminar] Attacking Intel SGX

김태수(Taesoo Kim)
Assistant Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology
Wednesday, May 17th 2017, 11:00am

■ 호스트: 전병곤 교수(x1928,880-1928)


Intel SGX is a new security mechanism that is recently shipped with Intel Skylake, with the unprecedented promise of making the cloud computing secure. In this talk, we will introduce 1) how to blindly launch an exploit against SGX, and 2) how to reveal execution traces of a SGX program with a new side-channel we found recently.

Speaker Bio

Taesoo Kim is an Assistant Professor in the School Computer Science at Georgia Tech. He is interested in building a system that has underline principles for why it should be secure. Those principles include the design of a system, analysis of its implementation, and clear separation of trusted components. He holds a B.S. from KAIST (2009), a S.M. (2011) and a Ph.D. (2014) from MIT.