Embedded S/W for Semiconductor Solutions at Samsung Electronics

Wednesday, April 27th 2011, 5:00pm
302 Building, Room 308


In this talk, I will first introduce the Solution Products of Samsung Electronic's (SEC's) Semiconductor Business. I will then describe the roles and importance of the Embedded Software that is applied to the Solution Products. Although all Semiconductor Solution Products in this seminar will refer exclusively to the products from SEC's Semiconductor Business, many of the concepts are generally applicable to other Semiconductor Solution Products.

Main topics to be covered are:

  • The importance of the Solution Business through prediction of market trends, and the different roles of Software, in the Flash Solutions Business
  • Solutions for the next generation Memory, and relevant R&D issues
  • Introduction to the AP Solution Business and related software
  • Sharing SEC's Executive message to future professionals in the Computer Science/Engineering fields

Speaker Bio


  • Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA ('89)
  • M.S. in Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA ('85)
  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, KAIST, Korea ('81)
  • B.S. in Electronic Engineering, SNU, Korea ('79)

Work Experience

Dr. Jong-Deok Choi is a Executive Vice President in Samsung Electronics. Before joining Samsung Electronics in 2007, he had worked at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as a Research Staff Member and Manager from September 1989 to February 2007.

Dr. Choi is an expert on optimizing compilers for Java, C/C++ and other programming languages; optimizing Webservices applications; and on distributed and multi-processor performance-analyzers and debuggers. He was a key contributor to the PTRAN parallelizing-compiler project at IBM Watson in the 1990's. While working for PTRAN, he made a key contribution to SSA by making it practical enough to be used in IBM's commercial compilers (xlc and xlf), and later adopted and used by almost all modern compilers.

He was one of the key contributors to the JikesRVM open-source Java virtual machine (JVM), developed and distributed by IBM Research. JikesRVM is widely used for various Java research projects in the world. The Escape Analysis, of which he was the primary contributor, is now used by most commercial and open-source JVMs.

Dr. Choi has published over 60 technical papers in top journals and conferences on various fields in computer science, and holds over 20 US patents. He has served as a program (co-)chair, conference steering-committee member, and program-committee member for numerous technical conferences.