R&D Leadership (Optical Storage)

Byeong-hun Min
Senior Vice President and Director CTO
Mechatronics & Storage, LG Electronics
Friday, April 22nd 2011, 1:00pm
301 Building, Room 202


I will share with you how our optical storage tech. and business was able to consistently generate globally No. 1 R&D performance for the past 13 years. Also I will introduce to you our coaching approach to nurturing talents and other efforts to enhance organizational competency.


  • Mechatronics & Storage research lab.

R&D cases (including optical storage)

  • Successful development by instilling a sense of ownership (CD-RW)
  • Strengthened business competitiveness through continuous motivation of members, and enhanced individual competency through globalization (DVD-RW)
  • How the R&D leadership helped us rise above the global recession and other business challenges, and how we expanded our research missions with identification of new business opportunities

What R&D leadership means and major case studies

  • Setting ultimate vision for customers ' and mission cascading
  • Tailored coaching based on affection and trust ' used to understand employees and guide the nurturing of independent and exemplary talents
  • Constant communication and the research lab.' s own process ' enables continued competency enhancement and performance generation

Speaker Bio


  • SNU Electrical Engineering B.S. ('85)
  • SNU Electrical Engineering M.S. ('87)


Work Experience

  • 1987. Goldstar (LG Electronics)
  • 1998. CD-RW Drive Project Leader
  • 2002. LG Electronics, DM Research Center DST Gr Leader
  • 2005. LG Electronics, DS Research Center DSS Gr Leader
  • 2006. LG Electronics, DS Research Center Director / Vice President
  • 2011. LG Electronics, M&S Research Center Director / Senior Vice President


  • 2010. KOITA Award
  • 2010. LG Electronics 'Hall of Fame'
  • 2007. KEA President's Award (Super Blu Player Optical Pickup & Loader)
  • Jangyoungshil Award, President's Award, MKE TOP 10 New technology Award etc.
  • LG group research development Award 3 times (CD writer, Combo, DVD writer)
  • LG group TL 2005 Grand Prize (CD writer) etc.