CSE Faculty Recruitment

SNU CSE recruits 1 new professor in AI field.

Applicable for all tenure-track professors, including assistant professor, associate professor, full-time professor, with outstanding research results from CSE & Science Field and passion for education. Applicants need Ph.D Degree at the time of the application, and nationality, gender, age will not be considered.

SNU CSE seeks for World best education and research for last 40 years from 1975. Currently, there are 35 professors, 400 undergraduate, 350 graduate students, and gradually increasing its size. Research and Education on all CSE fields such as Theory of Computation AI, Computer System, System Software, Embedded System, Data Science, Network, Programming language, Graphics, Vision, HCI, Bio-information, Machine Learning are taking place.

Recruitment is for professor who can lead future-oriented research.

◾ Applicable : 1 Tenure-track assistant, associate, full-time professor
◾ Field : AI (Artificial Intelligence)
◾ Application : 2020.3.30.(MON) ~ 4.10.(FRI)

For more details, please refer to link below. Additional inquiries to-> recruit@cse.snu.ac.kr

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Monday, March 16th 2020