2018. 02 Excellent Degree Thesis Award

SNU CSE awards the prize to graduated student.

The list below is the winner of '2018.02 Excellent Degree Thesis Award'.

o Master degree: Kim Joo Yong (Academic advisor: Gunhee Kim)
Title: Tree-structured Deep Neural Networks by Learning to Semantically Split

o Master degree: Jang Yoon Seok (Academic advisor: Gunhee Kim)b>
Title: Video-based Visual Question Answering with Spatio-Temporal Reasoning Tasks

o Master degree: Han Seung Wook (Acadmic advisor: Jihong Kim )
Title: 카산드라 응용에서 쓰기 요청에 대한 꼬리응답시간 감소 기법

o Master degree: Kim Joo Yeon (Academic advisor: Byung gon Chun)
Title: Design and Implementation of a Flexible and Extensible Data Processing Runtime

o Bachelor degree: Choi Gil Woong (Academic advisor:Jinwook Seo)
Title: Effectiveness of Peer-Motivational Habit-Forming Application

Monday, February 26th 2018