[Seminar] Smart Media Research and Smart Age Philosophy: New Enlightenment M+ for Renaissance & DIGITALOGY 2012 +

기술경영정책 협동과정
서울대-삼성전자 SW 공동연구센터(CIC)
Tuesday, June 12th 2012, 4:00pm
서울대학교 신공학관 301동 315호 S-Lab


Professor Jun Seok Hwang is the director of SMPR (Smart Media Convergence Policy Research Center, http://smpr.snu.ac.kr) which is SNU based Inter-University and Inter-College Collaboration Center for Internet and emerging smart media researches. In this S-talk, the new research area, DIGITALOGY, and its upcoming research will be announced. DIGITALOGY is the new discipline (crediting upcoming new book DIGITALOGY: An Introduction by Prof. Jun Seok Hwang) based on Information Philosophy rooted in Aristotle’s studies, concerning inter-disciplinary issues and topics which are not trivial. The talk will touch on several hot topics in the research areas of Internet, Smart Media, Computer Science and Engineering. As a part of realm in this talk, a new research model, M+ for Digitalogic Renaissance, will be introduced and discussed with its applications. Audience in any levels and kinds of study and research are welcome to attend this talk and discuss. The type of talk will be open, traditional seminar-type questions, answers and discussions encouraging 3-I for freedom that is Information, Interface and Interaction for free.

Speaker Bio

Professor of Technology Management Economics and Policy (TEMEP) Joint Professor of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Industrial Engineering (IE) Director, Smart Media Convergence Policy Research Center Ph. D., Information Science and Telecommunications, University of Pittsburgh, 2000 M.S., Telecommunications, University of Colorado, 1996 B. S., Mathematics, College of Science, Yonsei University, 1989