[Seminar] How Enterprises Have Successfully Adopt Cloud Migration

Justin Yoo
Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 5:00pm - Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 6:15pm
302동 408호

호스트: 전병곤 교수


Many startups and enterprises consider their business information systems deployed or migrated to the cloud. However, there are too many options to choose suitable cloud resources for their business values - from virtual machines to serverless. Throughout this session, I'm going to discuss what options are available on the cloud, especially on Azure, and which options would be good for start-ups. In addition to this, I'm also going to discuss how traditional business organisations in Australia have successfully migrated their legacy systems into the cloud, with real stories of success and failure, which I was involved.

Speaker Bio

Justin Yoo is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft.