[Seminar] Virtualization meets Cloud

장문석 상무
(삼성전자) Ph. D
Wednesday, November 21st 2012, 11:00am
301동 101호


What is your career plan in Cloud computing era? Cloud computing presents a paradigm shift in IT technology. It changes the way we access IT resources and your career opportunity as well. In this talk, I'll present the technology I have developed during my career at SCO, IBM, and VMware. An introduction to Samsung Software R&D Center will be followed by a couple of tips to build professional career in Cloud computing.

Speaker Bio

2012.2~present: 삼성전자 소프트웨어센터 차세대 OS Lab (Next Generation OS Lab) 2008.5~2012.1: VMware, Palo Alto 2001.3~2008.4: IBM Austin 1998.3-2001.2: ETRI 1986.3-1998.2: BS,MS, and Ph.D. from Dept. of Computer Science, Seoul National University

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