[Seminar] Localizing and Explaining Non-deadlock Concurrency Bugs

Thursday, May 16th 2013, 11:00am
Rm 309, Bldg 302


Concurrency bugs are difficult to debug because of nondeterministic behaviors of concurrent programs. Existing fault-localization techniques for non-deadlock concurrency bugs do not provide the comprehensive information to identify and understand the bugs. In this talk, I will present a technique, called Griffin, that assists developers in debugging non-deadlock concurrency bugs, from finding the locations of concurrency bugs to explaining the bugs. The empirical studies show that the technique locates concurrency bugs at the top rank for our C++/Java subjects, and the technique clusters failing executions and memory-access patterns for the same bug with few false positives.

Speaker Bio

Sangmin Park is a Ph.D. student working with Professor Mary Jean Harrold and Professor Richard Vuduc at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. His research interests are program analysis and software engineering for concurrent programs. His current research is about debugging for concurrent programs. Before coming to Georgia Tech, he obtained a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at KAIST in 2007.

Contact: Kwankeun Yi (이광근 교수) 880-1857