Waffle Studio

WaffleStudio is a university club belonging to the department of Computer Science Engineering at Seoul National University (SNU). WaffleStudio encourages individual growth in app/web development by developing and launching various application services.

At WaffleStudio, several activities are being held, including projects, study groups, individual gatherings, and many more. Such projects are not just simply being launched, but are also being provided as convenient, enjoyable, and even experimental services. Although currently the target audience for most of these services are limited to students at SNU, a wide range of new projects are being developed for various purposes and audiences. In addition, seminars with topics including backend, frontend, and mobile development are being held annually during the 2nd semester of the school year.


■ Rookies
Rookies, classified as members who have not yet been granted full membership, are being selected annually during the 2nd semester of the school year. They can attain full membership if they successfully participate in the seminars and complete and pass all assignments.

■ Programmers & Designers
Programmers and Designers, members who have the right to a full membership, are being selected biannually during the 1st and 2nd semesters of the school year. They are granted full membership as soon as they are selected and have the right to participate in various activities, including projects and study groups, and lead new activities as well.

Current Status & Record

SNUTT is a course scheduler application service initially launched in 2012. It has gone through a renewal in 2021 and has continually been providing a stable and useful service for students at SNU. Through a simple yet stylish UI and numerous convenient filters, one can search for courses and create a personal course schedule. Furthermore, a course review page is expected to be added, in which students can add personal ratings and commentary for different courses.

Siksha is an application service initially launched in 2015 developed to improve existing SNU cafeteria menu applications, and has gone through a renewal process in 2021. Not only does it provide detailed information about each menu, filtered by time and date, but it also displays each cafeteria's operating hours and specific location. Additionally, reviews, including a rating score, personal commentary, and even images, can be uploaded for each menu.

■ SNUBoard
SNUBoard is a mobile application service that combines scattered information from each SNU department's webpage into one app. Categorized by major and filtered by several tags, important announcements can be conveniently viewed in one page and push notifications can be received. It is also possible to search information from subscribed announcements. SNUBoard was initially launched in the beginning of August 2021 and is continually being updated. It is currently available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Guam is a mobile application service targeted at current developers that aims to foster new teams and enhance communication among team members and developers. It was initially launched on the Google PlayStore in September 2021 and is continually being developed to thrive as an IT SNS service.