Waffle Studio

Waffle Studio is a club for developing 'delicious' web&app base systems. Members not only learn computational skills but discuss how the web & app based systems should be designed and developed in the real world settings. The club serves SNU students online timetable service (SNUTT.kr) and SNU cafeteria menu application (SikSha).

Recruitment Schedule

Waffle Studio recruits students from SNU regardless of major once a year. Usually the recruitment happens in mid-December through interview.

Current activity

Starting from 2012, SNUTT is an online timetable service for SNU students. Waffle Studio is currently working on SNUTT to make searching mechanism easier for more comfortable user experience.

  • Where do we meet?

“Where do we meet?” is a service which recommends meeting places for a group of people. It was developed at 2014 thanks to supports from LINE plus. It recommends the most suitable subway station considersing several conditions such as distance, number of cafes. iOS version is ready to launch with android version currently developing.

  • SikSha

“Siksha” is developed at 2015 to complement incoveninences of other cafeteria menu apps. Developed for six months, SikSha currently covers the largest number of cafeterias and serves widgets for android. iOS and android version is available on the app store.