Student Clubs

  • Bacchus is a club for practicing computer system administration skills. Bacchus provides various services including maintaining servers in the computer labs and PCs for students in CSE. The club provides an integrated account service that allows users to use one single account to log into the PCs in the computer practice room, various Linux servers, and a college community site.

  • Guardian is a computer security forum where students meet weekly to share knowledge on computer security-related issues and educate each other. The club members work on real-world projects during the summer break. The Guardian club participates in almost all hacking contest in Korea.

  • SNUPS (SNU Problem Solvers) is an academic society that studies algorithm & data structures and participate in programming competitions such as ACM-ICPC. In preparation for the competitions, most club memebers meet weekly to learn problem-solving skills and algorithmic techniques, open seminar sometimes, and organize 3-member teams with mock competitions held one or two times every year.

  • Soccer301 is a club for students who like soccer. We aim for physical health and promote friendship of senior and junior. We meet every weekend for training and friendly match. We constantly participate for many soccer competition and get good results.

  • Stein was formed in 2012 as a club of with talented Computer Science and Engineering students who are interested in the instrumetal band. New members are recruited each year. And they make a team by the year they signed up. Members practice a musical instrument and promote friendship. The main activities are subscription concerts and interacting programs with other bands.

  • UPnL is a computer software club where members work on various projects. The UPnL club participates in the SNU CSE Computer Exhibition every year and has developed many award-winning products. A software package, MBC (Message Broadcast Center), won the grand prize in 2007 and another product, the Pilsazengi, won the excellence award.

  • Waffle Studio is a club for developing 'delicious' web&app base systems. Members not only learn computational skills but discuss how the web & app based systems should be designed and developed in the real world settings. The club serves SNU students online timetable service ( and SNU cafeteria menu application (SikSha). == Recruitment Schedule ==