Hedge Fund Trading Strategist

TrexQuant is a startup fund with all of the opportunity and flexibility that implies. As an employee of our firm you will have the opportunity to interact with the firm's senior management on a regular basis, you will be challenged and you will learn and grow. Our working environment is unstructured and flexible, and our employees are comfortable doing different tasks, pushing their intellectual boundaries and being outside of their comfort zones on a regular basis. We are currently looking for Trading Strategists to work remotely from Korea.


Trading Strategist

  • develop trading signals (alpha generation)
  • work on projects focused on improving execution and trading strategies
  • explore large data sets
  • investigate and implement recent academic research
  • apply machine learning techniques to alpha discovery and portfolio optimization
  • design, implement and execute massively parallel backtest and production environments

Candidates should be curious, ambitious, self motivated and results-oriented. They should also have the creativity and imagination to envision how best to apply curring edge research to real world problems.


Technically, applicants should have experience with at least two of the following:

  • Matlab/R
  • Python/Perl/Shell scripting under Linux
  • C/ C++/ Java under Linux

While previous experience in alpha exploration is a plus, candidates with no knowledge of finance are still encouraged to apply- a healthy curiosity to explore new problems is all that is required. Experience or interest in machine learning and/or natural language processing is also a benefit.


This is an excellent opportunity for new graduates to learn cutting-edge quantitative fiance theory and practice while building a rewarding, long term career. Experienced researchers will find a flexible, collaborative working environment where they are given the autonomy to control their own research agenda and the opportunity to make a significant impact on the future of this fast-growing company.

To apply or learn more please email: jobs@trexquant.com

태그: 인턴/취업 (공식 게시)