[Seminar][날짜변경] Software Entrepreneurship Challenges

Kwan Hong Lee(CTO)
2019년 12월 31일 화요일 AM 11:00 - 2019년 12월 31일 화요일 PM 12:00
301동 201호

호스트: 이재욱 교수


Software has inherently transformed all aspects of human lives in the last decade and are affecting our everyday lives and economy while we are awake or asleep. As technological progress continues to accelerate, human beings and organizations that utilize the power of software, automation and intelligence are gaining competitive advantage and evolutionary advantage over others. In this workshop, I walk through the importance and challenges of software entrepreneurship and help us think through how to increase success rate by avoiding common pitfalls. The discussions will help individuals and teams to make better decisions if they were to embark in software entrepreneurship. We live in a world with so much capital but lack of talent and I hope to motivate more young minds to jump on this boat of trying to create valuable software companies.

연사 소개

Kwan has degrees from Cornell and MIT. He received his Ph.D., S.M. from MIT Media Lab and M.Eng., B.S. in computer science from Cornell University. He has worked in various industries from telecom, consumer electronics to finance and ed tech. He has been involved in various stages of startup lifecycle to help build software and organizations to derisk decision making, strategy, growth and execution. Kwan is always excited about influencing better human behavior through technology and approaching entrepreneurship as a computational system.