International student scholarship for 2020.2nd semester (5/25~6/12)

Hello! This is admin office,

This announcement is to inform you of International student scholarship, please put your applications and documents (income & family relationship, etc) within deadline to mail box infront of Bldg #301, Room #316.

1. Application: 5/ 25(MON) ~ 6/ 12(FRI)

2. How to apply : Apply it through MySNU, submit original documents of income to admin office. 

3. Eligibility and Required document


Required document

International student

Income standard
(2019 year income 50million korean won or less)

International students whose 2019 year income is 50million korean won or less

MySNU scholarship application, Submission of Family relationship documents, Income proof documents  

※ Details are below

UN Veteran Grandchildren

Write scholarship application ( Fill in the truth at [장학금 신청사유 (reason for scholarship application)] )

Submit original copy of Family relationship, military service certificate  (Just once)


□ Required documents of International student scholarship based on income

1) Basic documents  : Original copy of Family relationship proof

2) Income proof documents

-Original proof of 2019 year income (unmarried : You and Your parents / married : You and your wife/ husband)

- If you don't have a income, original copy of document to prove that you don't have an income

- If you're from country that doesn't have income proof system: Additional document needed that you've never hold additional positio

3) Every document must be issued  in recent 6 months, and be notarized in English  or Korean if the document is not in English  or Korean

□ Annual income is calculated by standard of selection period with Exchange rate notified from KEB HANA Bank

태그: 학사 (학부), 교환학생/유학, 장학, 학생공지 (교내)