[Seminar] VM virtualization technology based on performance isolation for autonomous driving systems

Sang-Bum Suh(서상범)
Perseus Co.
2021년 12월 30일 목요일 PM 3:00 - 2021년 12월 30일 목요일 PM 4:00
서울대학교 301동 551-4 (HAWAII 룸)
호스트: 이창건 교수


Technology advances are resulting in ever more complex in-car systems infrastructure. By 2023 half of the cars on the road will be connected. Many connected cars already carry up to 120 SoCs. This presents pre-market integration challenges as well as aftermarket maintenance and upgrade issues. As autonomous cars enter the market in a meaningful way, connected car technology infrastructure will become a critical issue in order to maintain efficiency, while guaranteeing peak performance. Perseus Hypervisor simplifies in-car infrastructure by 75% on average, enabling streamlined pre-market implementation and aftermarket management, reducing cost and increasing efficiency. This is achieved by enabling multiple operating systems / applications to run from a single SoC. In this seminar, we will introduce VM virtualization technique to provide performance isolation used in an actual autonomous vehicle environment and talk about how to utilize it.

연사 소개

Dr. Suh earned a Ph.D. in system research at Computer Laboratory from the University of Cambridge in 2006. Prior to founding Perseus, he spent thirteen years at Samsung Electronics where he served as a VP and led Tizen platform development and integration for Samsung flat TVs that are now the global market leader. In 2007 he founded the Secure Xen ARM open-source hypervisor software project for embedded systems. For almost a decade he led the Xen ARM open source Hypervisor and security community, setting the groundwork for Perseus’ recent development of Hypervisor security solutions for the connected car industry.