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2015년 1학기, 우리 학부에 김건희 교수님이 부임하여 시각 및 학습 연구실(Vision and Learning Lab)을 조성하실 예정입니다. 첫 학기에는 영상처리(4190.429) 강의를 담당하시게 되었으니 학생 여러분의 많은 관심 바랍니다.

The technology which can revive human's walking is devloped It will be very helpful for treatment of disease and rehabilitation medical treatment l

Movie continuity work takes long time and huge expense. For example, “X-man” took 7 month and more than 10million won for making seconds scenes.

Prof. Taekyoung Kwon is awarded SNU 'Sinyang Engineering Academic Award' Nov. 26th.

Prof. Jehee Lee gave a mini lecture on engineering career program for middle and high school.

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CSE Dept. would like the participation of the students for S-LAB mentoring program.

Prof. Heonshik Shin awarded excellent engineering professors award.