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운동연구실 원정담 박사과정생이 2015 Google PhD Fellowship Program에서 robotics분야 수상자로 선정되었습니다.

2015년 8월 졸업 논문 심사 결과, 신기정 학생과 김도현 학생이 우수학위논문상 수상자로 선정되었습니다.

Prof. Kang U will be appointed from 2015 2nd semester.
He will be open Data Mining Lab and will teach 'Data sturucture'.

Two SNU CSE graduate students and a KAIST student make a team and receive third place at ACM SIGMOD programming contest

Prof. Kwangkeun Yi published book titled 'Computational Civilization'.

Prof. Lee, Kunwoo, Dean of Seoul National University College of Engineering and Prof.

Liberal arts college students have become interested in engineering field.