The Department of Computer Science and Engineering extends a warm welcome to international students seeking to attend bachelor's, master's, or doctoral programs. International candidates include both foreign applicants and Korean students who have received entire education (from elementary to high school) abroad. There are over 50 international students who are enjoying an excellent education and vibrant campus life at CSE. They are part of a remarkable educational institution with 30 of the best faculty in the nation and a fast growing number of foreign professors. With a special program on an unprecedented scale to recruit talented teaching and research faculties from overseas underway, CSE program at SNU will soar to new heights.

When can I apply?

SNU's academic year begins in the spring, and the university offers admissions for the fall semester as well. For admission in spring, you can submit your application from April to August each year. For fall admission you can submit your application from January to March each year.

How do I submit my application?

All the materials should be submitted online and by post.

Online application

  1. You should log in to website by creating an account.
  2. According to the instructions, type in all the required information for each step of the on-line application.
  3. A high volume of connections are anticipated near the deadline; completing the application prior to the deadline is recommended.

Submission of required documents

  1. After completing your online application, print out the completed Application Form and the Application Checklist.
  2. Please mark and place the application checklist in front of the application packet, and arrange the application material in the order listed in the checklist.
  3. Send your application packet via registered mail along with the required documents to the following address: Office of Admissions, Seoul National University, 599 Gwanak-ro, Gwanakgu, Seoul 151-742, Korea