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Faculty Recruitment

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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University is searching for new outstanding faculty members in a wide variety of research fields in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The ideal candidates are creative researchers with great research potential and passion for teaching. Excellent female researchers are encouraged to apply. All applicants must have a Ph.D. degree at the time of application. We will hire 15 tenure-track faculty members in 10 years in the following schedule.
Please contact us at for more information on faculty application process.

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Schedule                                                                                                                      (As of September 2022)
Posting Semester Number of Openings
2022년 1st 4
2022년 2nd 3
2023년 1st 1
2023년 2nd 0
2024년 1st 1
2024년 2nd 1
2025년 1st 2
2025년 2nd 1
2026년 1st 2
2026년 2nd 1
2027년 1st 1
2027년 2nd 1
2028년 1st 1
2028년 2nd 0
2029년 1st 1
2029년 2nd 0
2030년 1st 0
2030년 2nd 0

** Openings subject to change due to new assignment requests or non-employment