Research Groups

  • Artificial intelligence investigates powerful problem-solving methods inspired by human thinking, memory, learning and other cognitive processes. Our research focuses on cognitive systems that learn like humans and evolve to adapt to their environment.

  • We design and develop the algorithms and protocols for all types of wireless and wired communication networks including Internet, wireless LAN, cellular networks, and sensor networks.

  • We are interested in developing human-centered computing technologies to solve complex problems through efficient visualizations using computer graphics and HCI techniques.

  • Algorithms are the foundation of computer science and particularly important in optimizing a computer program. Our group basically studies on algorithms and their optimizations.

  • We have been involved in research activities on semantic technology and applications. Semantic technology allows computers to process data semantically just like people understands the meaning of data using standardized data representations and processing rules.

  • In the near future, computer and information technology will be converged with civil, architectural, environmental, mechanical, and bio engineering technologies providing with convenience and security to everywhere in human life.

  • We perform research on a broad spectrum of issues regarding building fast and reliable computer systems consisting of advanced software/hardware components.

  • The current programming technology, even with all the hitherto thrilling advances, is still in infancy. The programming languages will constantly move to more convenient and higher levels. Programming tools will use more and more sophisticated logics and highly engineered implementations.