Research Groups

  • Computer that learns like human
    AI(Artificial lntelligence) is one of the computer science fields that studies how to solve problems efficiently by simulating human recognition, thinking, memory, and learning.
  • Future controlled by Smart Embedded System
    In the future, computing will not only be a PC on a desk, but will also provide convenience and safety in our lives, including smartphones, cars, aircraft, roads, buildings, and bridges.

  • Research that extracts value from Big Data
    Our Research Group conducts research on Big Data, Databases, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

  • Human-Centered Visual Computing Technology
    Computer Graphics and HCI Technologies seek flawless communication between humans and computers. Many complex problems in modern society can find clue for the solution on proper visualization and human visual perception.
  • The future internet will open the world of communication and exchange
    Research and Development of protocols and algorithms for all networks, including the internet, wireless networks, data center networks, and online social networks.

  • Safe, Reliable, & Productive Programming Language and Software Engineering System
    The current programming technology, even with all the hitherto thrilling advances, is still in infancy. The programming languages will constantly move to more convenient and higher levels.

  • Core Software System allows world-wide service
    Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Kakao Talk. System software enables services to run faster, use less energy, and perform more reliably and safely from unexpected errors, intrusions and attacks on modern hardware.

  • Research where Theory meets reality
    Computer Theory is the basic theory of computer science and has made a fundamental contribution to the development of computer science with efficient algorithm development, NP-completeness concept, and modern cryptology theory.